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New Hope Rescue requires that you:

  • Provide your pet with annual veterinarian visits​

  • Provide your pet with a full set of vaccinations and immunizations recommended by your veterinarian and as required by law.​

  • Provide your pet with any other veterinary care as needed

 Adoption terms:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age​

  • All pets will be registered according to city ordinance if required​

  • If this pet does not work out, the pet must be returned to New Hope Rescue. 

    • Every pet is different but some require a longer adjustment period. 

    • We ask that each pet is given a two (2) week period to adjust.

    • No refunds of fees or reimbursements for supplies will be granted​

  • If a pet is returned to New Hope Rescue all microchip tags and rabies tags must be returned or a $25 replacement fee is required.​

  • We do not adopt out dogs as guard dogs or “yard” dogs.​

  • You must have the proper home and supplies before pet placement.​

  • We do not adopt any pets as gifts.​

  • All resident pets must be UTD on veterinary checks and be spayed or neutered.​

  • A home visit may be required.​

  • Out of state adoptions will be considered on a case by case basis. 

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