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About New Hope Rescue


New Hope Rescue, Inc. (NHR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization.  We are located in Alabama.  NHR does not have a physical shelter.  We are a volunteer driven organization which functions off business and individual donations. We also hold fund raising events such as raffles, yard sales, and bingo nights.  All funds are used solely for the care of the animals.


Our goal is to provide temporary housing and veterinary care for homeless pets through a foster-based program for the purpose of finding permanent, suitable and loving new homes.  


NHR’s work with animals through our community is based on our core values: Compassion, Dedication and Awareness.


NHR offers Petlink microchips with every adoption.

If your pet ever gets lost, you can feel safe knowing that this microchip will help bring your pet home safe. Find out more information about Petlink by using the links to the right.


Adoption fees range between $200 and $300. 

All fees include all shots, spay/neuter and microchip. 

Building the NHR Barn

Barn Update:
I know a lot of people have been wondering what’s been going on with our barn. We haven’t said to much due to us trying to figure out where we stand legally. Back in August we hired Camilla Custom Homes owned by Clint Robinson and Caitlin Conci to construct the barn as our General Contractor. Things were going fairly smoothly until Clint requested their 2nd draw, which we provided to them in early October. Then on October 8, they left the job and have never been back, essentially leaving us trying to figure out what to do. We tried to contact him several times but never received a response. We have also discovered that the fb pages of Camilla Custom Homes and Clint Robinson have been deleted. They took a substantial amount of money and did no work for it. This has left us in a financial bind. We have been trying to find someone who will come in and finish the job and find the resources to replenish the large amount of money they took from us. Not only did they just take our money, but they kinda turned our dream into a nightmare. We have been planning this build for 2 years and to have someone come in and ruin it, HURTS!! 

Fast forward to now, we have since learned that Clint has never paid several of the bills out of the first draw which led us to seek help from the Alabama Homebuilders Licensor Board and legal advice from our attorney. We have documented everything to the best of our ability. 

Now we will do our best to move forward per advice from both the State of Alabama and our attorney. It may be a slow go as we are having to find the funds to replace the substantial amount of money that they have taken from us. But we are determined to not let them ruin our dream of creating this kennel space for New Hope Rescue, Inc. Not only did he take from us but he took this away from the dogs as well. 

If anyone has any current or future dealings with Clint Robinson or Caitlin Conci of Camilla Custom Homes, BEWARE.!!!!! They came to us with a couple of good references, but have since learned that we aren’t the only ones with huge issues with their work.

Above is the current condition of the barn. He didn’t even leave us in the dry.

**1/14/20 Update: We have since learned that Clint Robinson has created a new company as a self employed trim carpenter under Horizon Trim Company, LLC out of Opelika.

We just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has reached out to us today. We have had so many people just call to see how they can help. We have had a few offers of people wanting to create fundraisers and we have had people just calling to say they are praying for us. 

For those who are wanting to help, we need connections to people who own businesses that might want to make a tax deductible donation. We need:

Tile - white subway & grey larger tiles for kennels
Siding - Hardy plank board and batten
Plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilet, shower etc)
Hot water heater
Central air/heat system 
Vinyl plank flooring
6-8 foot chain link fencing

We should have an exact square footage for tile and cabinets and countertops soon.


Again, all items donated or discounted are TAX Deductible. We are a non-profit 501c3.

If you wish to donate items on our wish list above, please contact Jenny (334) 332-9898 (call or text).

Email: nhrescueinc@gmail.com